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Inspired by a world of color, Blanc de Bleu makes a statement as the first BLUE California sparkling wine. Think outside the everyday and discover what it means to drink the unexpected.

A bottle of Blanc de Bleu Brut
Cuvee mousseux, cuvee musseuxA bottle of Blanc de Bleu Brut

Our Story

Blanc de Bleu®, the world’s first blue California sparkling wine with elegant notes of blueberry.

We challenged ourselves to create a sparkling wine that could combine our love of effervescent bubbles with a dry, crisp finish and a hint of blueberry. We wanted to dazzle the imagination with Blanc de Bleu’s seductive flavors and beautiful shade of blue, encased inside a stunning bottle.

Blanc de Bleu wine lineup on a white tabletop

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A bottle of Blanc de Bleu Brut on a marble table with croissants