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Bob Stashak has been making wine for over 44 years, and it’s his experience and unparalleled skill that create Blanc de Bleu’s signature flavor. 

Blanc de Bleu Winemaker Bob Stashak

Born in Amsterdam, New York, Bob Stashak graduated from the University of California at Davis in 1973 with a degree in Fermentation Science. Following graduation, he began his winemaking career at F. Korbel and Bros., where he began his quest to learn everything there was to know about crafting unique sparkling wine.

In 1993, Bob’s expertise led him to Bronco Wine Company who was eager to expand its sparkling wine production. Bob hit the ground running and implemented a traditional bottle-ferment sparkling wine program. His initiative and passion secured Bob a full time position in 1996. It was then that Bob took charge of Bronco’s barrel fermentation and aging programs. The demanding regimen of barrel aging wines to rouse their undeveloped characteristics proved to be the perfect undertaking for Bob’s technical skill.

Over the last 20 years at Bronco, Bob has had the unique opportunity of finessing his skills in table wine production all while overseeing the thriving sparkling wine programs he implemented which include bottle fermented and tank fermented (Charmat) sparkling wines.

With 44 years of winemaking experience, Bob has become one of California’s top winemakers. His philosophy and skills are evident in the award-winning wines Bob crafts today for Bronco. Although Bob has mastered the intricacies of producing amazing wines, he never neglects the beauty of simplicity: “Wine should be fun and easy to pair with food as any side dish selected to accompany the main course.”  

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