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Pair this california sparkling wine with good food, best friends, and of course, family.

Blanc de Bleu red and white wine grape clusters on the vine

Blanc de Bleu delivers pleasant yet elegant flavors with a subtle touch of blueberry, creating a unique California sparkling wine with a dry, crisp finish.

Sparkling Wine Master Bob Stashak explains, “Blanc de Bleu is created by using two ingredients to their fullest potential. We start with the base wine, which is the same fruit used in our high-end , methode champenoise programs.  A natural yeast fermentation then adds bubbles and imparts a pleasant pastry-like character. Next we introduce a small amount of blueberry flavor that leaves a lovely element of surprise and refreshment. The processing of these elements at their peak help craft Blanc de Bleu’s unique flavor and palate-pleasing complexity. This method is why people are pleasantly surprised to find the wine dry and crisp, instead of another overly sweet, flavored wine.”